GreenTeenCookbookfrontThe Green Teen Cookbook Project

Shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize 2012

Throughout 2011 we worked with local teenagers through workshops held at cafés and youth groups to collate their favourite recipes and tips for healthy eating into a cookbook that was not only written by young people for young people, but also designed and produced by them.  As part of this project we also carried out a series pf workshops around healthy eating for schools.

We included young people in every stage of production for the book titled The Green Teen Cookbook, enabling them to gain new skills and learn more about the politics of food and healthy eating.

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‘It is the perfect anditode to our take-away crazy food habits and will help kick the air mile addiction…a good balance between presenting the opinions for ethical eating without being a preachy bible of eco warriorism.’ – Miriam Chapman for Refer Plus

‘This is real cooking…a revolutionary little gem in its own right…This is quite political. And so it should be. What really matters is what’s going on at ground level…the writers are real teens… there is no talking down… it’s appealing, lively, and makes you want to try the recipes.’ —

‘This fabulous cookbook has been shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize and been featured in the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival and in the Gourmand Magazine. This cookbook and rough guide to ethical eating is not just for teens though, it’s for everyone who wants to eat well, pay less and save the planet! My soon to be 12 y/o loved this book…a great gift for teenagers of all ages and has great advice for everyone to live by. I’ve cooked some of the recipes from it and they taste delicious!’ —@NotAllAboutBoys

‘a basic guide to cooking in-season, environmentally-sound produce and seriously delicious food – all on a budget…kudos to The Green Teen Cookbook for converting me from a reluctant cook (as my parents will tell you) to someone who actually quite liked the feeling of preparing a meal!’ —