Virginia Woolf Statue

vwOn 23 November 2016 at the Richmond Literary Festival we launched a campaign to commission, fund and erect a statue of Virginia Woolf in Richmond-on-Thames where she lived and wrote her first novel in 1915 ‘The Voyage Out.’

This statue will be the first ever full figure lifesize bronze depiction of Virginia Woolf.

Award-winning sculptor Laury Dizengremel has just been commissioned to create the artwork. See just below her most recent artwork, the lifesize bronze sculpture of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown – 18th century’s greatest landscape designer. Other notable artworks of Laury’s include a bust of Mary Church Terrell for the National Association of University Women in the USA, the top 8 tennis players in the world in 2007 (Federer, Nadal, Djokovich, etc.,), full figure lifesize bronzes of sporting legends in Blaenavon, Wales and Drogheda, Ireland and many more.

Lifesize sculpture of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown

After intense discussions with Cheryl Robson, Laury intends to portray Virginia Woolf in a moment of happy relaxation, sitting on a bench which will be located on the Terraces near Richmond Bridge. Discussions regarding the exact placement are underway with the Council.

To be part of a wider movement to get more women celebrated and remembered, join us in our campaign to get to a statue of Virginia Woolf in Richmond.

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It is interesting to note that, just like the statue above, the vast majority of statues across the country are of men, with fewer than one in five listed statues being of women.

In March 2016 in the New Statesmen, Caroline Criado-Perez sorted the nation’s statues by gender and discovered “…a mere 2.7 per cent are of historical, non-royal women. If you’re a woman, your best chance at becoming a statue is to be a mythical or allegorical figure, a famous virgin, royal or nude.”  Read the full article here, you will be amused and appalled!



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